Well executed Staff Mobility Week

Anne_Christine_Johannessen_smlBy Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Anne Christine Johannessen

Last week the University of Bergen hosted the Staff Mobility Week (SMW). This is where we try to create a meeting place for the employees at our university and international colleagues. Internationalization is also important for administrative staff, and that has been the focus of the week.

Staff Mobility Week is primarily for administrative staff from different European universities. With the help of Erasmus scholarships they can get a stay or visit to another European university. One part of this is such a visit that has been arranged at our campus last week. Here the participants can get to know colleagues from other institutions then their own, we can raise topics and challenges that are similar for a number of institutions and exchange ideas and knowledge from multiple viewpoints.

This year we had 49 participants from 19 different countries, and we had groups within areas such as IT, Communications, Student Affairs, Library and Human Resources.

Staff Mobility Week is a valuable opportunity for networking, social interaction, and it is also promotes our university as an exciting place to work and study.

We, the Rectorate, would like to challenge and inspire our administrative staff to use the opportunities that exist to visit other universities and their international colleagues

SMW participants at Egget, Studentsenteret

SMW participants at Egget, Studentsenteret

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