Terrorists strikes university in Pakistan

Anne_Christine_Johannessen_smlToday terrorists have attacked The Bacha Khan University in Charsadda in the north-western part of Pakistan, killing more than 20 people. Many more are harmed.

Once again this is a brutal attack on a university and on knowledge and academia. Schools and universities are important institutions for development and democracy and must like hospitals be protected from attacks like the ones today.

Today marks the date of death of Bacha Khan, who is a peace activist and politician, and has given name to the university. The reports are telling that students and staff at the university were gathered for a memorial service to highlight this day when the gunmen attacked.

These attacks remind us once again of the importance of us standing up for the values of academia and to stand up for our colleagues in other countries.

Our hearts and thoughts are with Pakistani colleagues and students after this terrible attack.

Anne Christine Johannesen,
Vice-Rector for International Affairs


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